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An outdoor deck on a sunny day


We can design and build your entire deck from the ground up, or reconstruct your existing deck with composite, maintenance free materials. We have architectural services to draft your plans, get permitted, and build the outdoor space of your dreams.


A running faucet


Are you unsure whether or not you can fix that slow leak under your vanity or kitchen sink? Give us a call; we can handle mostly any plumbing repair. Pinelands Repair and Design installs vanities, faucets, and a variety of other plumbing fixtures in the home. We have the ability to handle large bathroom renovations […]


A large room with new drywall


During the course of remodels sometimes its imperative that walls come down, Pinelands Repair and Design can handle your drywall. We can do patch jobs, repairs, and drywall entire rooms. You are left with crisp, clean, flawless walls.


electrician working on outlet


We offer several solutions to those in need of help with electrical service in the home. Whether you would like to add recessed lighting, update outlets, install a new ceiling fan, we are capable of addressing these needs. Should your project require a major overhaul we have the resources needed to accomplish just about any […]